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Samstag, 31. März 2012

[English] A tankini drama - or: No Page for me!

Spring is approaching. I already had my first coffee outside (more than one, actually!), checked out if needed new sunglasses (absolutely!), nearly put my winterjacket back in the darkest corner of my wardrobe, so it's definitely time to think about swimwear... ;-)

Two years ago, Panache came up with a new tankini that I hoped would revolutionise the world of swimwear. A halterneck version, a little longer than usual - up to a H-cup and in two pretty nice (Amalfi) respectively glorious (Monroe) designs. I purchased a Monroe Tankini in 34H and it was simply perfect. I was in love.

I'm not a big fan of bikinis since - for my taste - they reveal too much of my body and swimsuits make me feel claustrophobic - apart from the fact that they're usually too short for me.

So I counted on Panache to come back with this style in summer 2011, maybe even as a part of their regular/standard series - but they didn't. There was only a neckholder swimsuit and the fancy, retro, sailor model of the season, Lucille, which followed St. Yves, Brighton and Monroe fell behind the magic G-cup border.
My hope awoke anew when I saw the first pictures of the gorgeous Page last July:

The amazing Panache Page (summer 2012)

Isn't it beautiful?! I am still in awe - although I realised in the meantime, that it's actually a swimsuit, not a tankini. Unfortunately, since one-piece suits are not very practical (for example if you have to go powder your nose ;-)) and I know quite a few women who have the problem with basques, bodies and swimsuits being simply too short. I'm 1.74 (5.7ft) and don't think that's supertall... 
However, the problem would be non-existent if Panache only offered a two-piece-version of the style. I really do not understand why the don't. (Why, oh why Panache?!)

And then there would be the question of sizing. For a rather long time it was rather difficult to get something pretty above a G-cup. For many brands this is still true, unfortunately. (A lot of styles by Freya/Fantasie are not available in cups larger than a G or GG for example.) There are companies, however, that push these boundaries: mostly Bravissimo, Curvy Kate and Panache have offered amazing styles in a growing range of sizes over the last few years. All the more disappointing it is to see that the Page is only available up to a G-cup while its a lot less fashionable sisters Suzette and Natalie are offered up to a J-cup.

I'm a little grumpy, I have to admit, and I wish I had gone for at least an Amalfi as a backup for my beloved Monroe. And I really wonder if tankinis are not popular enough. Maybe I'm just weird not feeling too comfortable in a bikini? Or is it just this special style (since Panache offers some tankini options that - IMO - are a lot less attractive...)

What do you think about it?
What style do you prefer:
Bikini - Tankini - Swimsuit?

Cinderellas stepsisters Suzette (left) and Natalie:


June Brasil:
I definitely prefer bikinis but even there I struggle a lot finding anything because apparently in J cups and up everyone assumes that you want plunge styles only?  I just don't get it.  Plunges are not even remotely practical when you do a lot of swimming so why is it that Freya/Fantasie only offer plunges in the higher cup sizes? 
But I have the same problem as you with one pieces (torso is too long and they're horrible when you have to pee! add in a 3 year old when you go swimming and it's insane).  Tankinis have never worked for me either because I have a rounded stomach and they roll up when I'm swimming. 
Oh, and for some reason all the brands assume you want super low cut bottoms?  I can't figure out that one.  I don't mind showing my stomach but I have a lot of loose skin after pregnancy and weight loss so I'd prefer my lower abs covered. 
Curvy Kate's options actually seem a lot better because the bikini tops aren't plunge (although I'd prefer a higher center gore but I can't have everything in life) and the bikini bottoms (at least on the bondi breeze) don't look too low.  BUT they don't seem to carry a 28J or 28JJ ANYWHERE!?!??  Everywhere starts at a 30 or 32...
Long story short I share your frustration with swimwear!
I already wondered about the new (?) plunge bikinis by Freya. They've been pretty conservative about their size range in the last years, very few styles reached the double-H, so I'm kind of excited to see J-cups... Overall most styles end at GG which is, well, not really cool.
But then I had the impression that the bands are a little tighter when it comes to swimwear. So maybe you just give it a try...
Good luck with the bikini-quest. I'm pretty confident you'll find a solution that works for you!! (I'll keep up with developments by reading your blog. :))
June Brasil:
 Yep, still in search of the perfect one.  I'm sort of wavering between trying of one of Curvy Kate (yep, the plan would be to order from either Amazon UK or Lovebras) ones or order up a back size and getting a Bravissimo one (because it looks like it has a high center gore) http://www.bravissimo.com/prod... .  Unfortunately, shipping costs (and then custom fees afterwards!) really kill me. :(
I'm not sure if they would deliver to you in Brazil without charging exorbitant postage fees, but Amazon UK have the Curvy Kate bikini tops in a 28 up to a K cup. I've been scouring the internet for a 28G since they first came out and that's the only place I've seen carrying them. 25% off at the moment too.
Curvy Kate has a 2 gorgeous tankinis up to a K-cup this year! Check out Georgia's review -

contrary kiwi:
I shall be a late poster since I only just discovered your blog :)
I hate tankinis - they roll up like nobody's business - and bikinis are very low down on my preferences list. I really like me a nice long one-piece (having a long torso despite my 5'1" height) with a 1950s look to it, which is something I cannot get with proper cup/band support, sadly. So far I haven't even seen a single swimsuit in any brand that does cup sizes that has tempted me. I am doomed to swimming in my unsupportive but gorgeous one-piece. (Nevermind that we're heading into Winter anyway.)

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