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Dear international visitor,

welcome to drueber & drunter, a german blog about lingerie and bra fitting.
Although most of the posts are in German, there are also quite a few English/biligual posts

When this blog went online in May 2011 we wanted to create a new platform for bra-logy on the German web. At the time there were no other German bra fitting blogs around and a lot of people complained about the confusing structure of Busenfreundinnen.net - amazing as it may be as a forum for bra fanatics, a message board is not for everyone, so we thought, perhaps there are a few people around who'd prefer a blog.

After a while it became quite obvious however that blogging about bras is a rather lonely business - drueber & drunter is as far from being a fashion blog as one can imagine, despite the fact that it's somehow all about clothes. We're not really interested in fancy lingerie or shopping trips; support for our boobs and a better body perception, that's what our blog is all about; which makes us one of only three (active) blogs in the German blogosphere dedicated to the topic bra fitting. The others would be gynecomastia blog maennerbusen.blogspot.de (about bras for men with gynecomastia / boobs) and of course Denocte's Kurvendiskussionen both of which are bilingual.

So when Denocte - after realising that a connection to the international  bra fitting community makes blogging much more fun . began posting in English, we decided to follow suit. More about this decision you can find in the post  Giving it a try in English...

Unfortunately it turned out that keeping a blog alive is a lot of work as it is - and translating a text back and forth from German into English or at least from English into German (which is easier) takes up quite a bit of extra time. While MiaRose lived up to the task with extraordinary patience, george, who started working as a part time bra fitter at the time, soon felt she could not possibly spend any more time on the topic and wrote less and less for the blog.

So after months of negligenca a deal was made to save the blog: one post every fortnight per person, so at least 4 a month. george however could not bring herself to do the translation-thing again so at the moment, only the postings of MiaRose are bilingual. 

Search for postings in English: GO!
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Upcoming blog posts will be tagged with the search label english, so you can find them easily.
Idecided against bi-lingual postings which tend to be a little confusing. For reasons of structure and readability we will also place English duplicates of German postings after a jump break. 

Contact us! 
Post a comment, write to drueberunddrunter ät gmx dot net or twitter @drueberdrunter.
drueber & drunter translates into sth. like above and beneath and refers to clothing and underwear but is also an expression like "higgledy-piggledy". 

drueber & drunter was planned to be a blog with several authors, the "Brabarellas". At the moment, there are three active writers: the lovely MiaRose who joined the blog in December 2012 and has written quite a few shop-reviews and postings on bra fitting vocabulary since, Anja who writes for us since November 2013 and the founder of the blog, george.

MiaRose about herself:
I debated coming up with a rather elaborate explanation of my nick name, that would make me sound all whimsical and terribly smart, but there is none. Suffice it to say that my 'real' name also involves an M in a prominent position and Doctor Who might have highjacked my subconscious. You can find out more about my personal Brafitting story under Buchstabenphobie if you like and I'll promise to translate it as soon as possible. Before becoming a Brabarella, I have been reading a lot on busenfreundinnen.net, a place that has been an indispensable source of advice and knowledge for me ever since. One day I stumbled upon a link to Drüber&Drunter on the forums and instantly became an avid follower. When George asked me if I'd like to write a blog post, I was hooked...
Read more on the about MiaRose-page

Anja about herself: Will add something soon. In the meantime, please feel free to read my introduction post New author joined in.

george about herself:
george is a nickname inspired by Enid Blytons Famous Five. (Meaning, I am a woman!)
I'm living in Berlin, Germany and I'm a little paranoid about privacy and the internet, so you won't find too much personal information on these pages. I am no lingerie addict but more interested in bra fitting and its positive side effects like better body image, an anti-normative approach to beauty and sizing etc. 
For my measurements and some random information about me visit the about george-page on this blog and/or read Giving it a try in English...