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Freitag, 14. September 2012

English: Review of Ewa Michalak

I normally post a translation of my articles right away but as things have been a little crazy lately (moving for the second time in one year, starting work on my thesis), I will combine the last two articles and try to condense it into a summary.

Ewa Michalak is a relatively young Polish brand, that has been selling bras since 2009. The bras are designed with the whole spectrum of sizes (A-M) in mind and in close coordination with customers. Ewa's bras provide lots of uplift, a lovely rounded shape and have, my personal pet peeve, narrow center gores. 
  • There are 4 basic models: 1. The PL, a low cut plunge bra that gives you quite a bit of cleavage and forms apple-shaped (in a good way) boobs; 2. The KM, a maternity bra; 3. The HM a halfcup with a fairly high center gore, the cup consists of two parts and its unpadded; 4. The HP/CH/CHP, yes there are subtle differences, such as that the CH is supposed to have more of a pushup effect, but really they are mostly the same. The wires are medium-wide on the PL and narrower on the other models (I don't know about the KMs). Wires can be bend, but people with a broad breast foundation will likely be unhappy with these bras. 
  • Sizing: There is a calculator at their site, but it's not super accurate. With my measurements it gives me a 32E, and while that's fine in the band, it's too small in the cup. I definitely need a 32F, which is the sister size to my usual size 30 FF. The bands run tighter than many other brands, so if you are in between band sizes, I'd advise you to stick with the bigger one. Unfortunately, as Ewa is small manufacturer, there can be certain inconsistencies in the sizing of a product. That means that one PL model might fit you perfectly in 70F but the other one you need in 70FF or a 75E. 
  • Theoretically Ewa makes almost all sizes (26-46 A-M). However, not all of these are available on the website. What you can do though is, write them an email and ask them to make it for you. These items, however, canNOT be exchanged or returned. If your size is not available, I'd advise you to order one that comes closest (a sister size) to your size first and then figure out what you might need changed. 
  • Ordering is easy. The website has a little flag on top with which you can change the languages. If you are outside the EU you should ask about shipping and returns (within the EU: 6,50 € and 10 days), Ewa's employees are always willing to help. There is a service charge if you use Paypal of 6% (the other options are more expensive, though). Most bras ship within 3 days, special orders and some new models take up to 14 days. If you return items you have to include the original receipt (don't forget to make a copy for yourself). Padded bras are supposed to be send in a cardboard box, so they won't be squished. 
  • PL Carmen, PL Karmelki, HM Gold, HM Finezja, HP Nina
  • Communication has been a mixed back in the past, especially if problems arise. However, I feel this has improved a lot. Still, don't worry, if it takes a few days till someone replies to your emails.

There have been some excellent introductions to Ewa Michalak that you might want to check out:
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Curvy Wordy is a big fan and has an extensive collection which she also reviews (please use the search function)
Braless in Brasil's June took a closer look at some models among them  (again please use the search function)

If you have further questions regarding the brand or shopping experience or like to add information or experience feel free to ask or share in the comments. 

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