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Freitag, 28. September 2012

Finally, no disappointment or: yey to the Curvy Kate Smoothie!

This summer was one of disappointments, and I’m not talking about the weather here. The bra I was looking forward to the most, the Cleo Marcie, was simply catastrophic as was the much anticipated Curvy Kate Daily Boost. I started two reviews on them but could not bring myself to post them. Sometimes even I am tired of nagging.

So I tried not to have any high hopes concerning the next long awaited novelty, “the world’s first moulded bra up to a J-cup” also known as Curvy Kate Smoothie. Usually Curvy Kate bras seem to run rather small in the cup so I thought I’m way out of their sizing, since the J is only a 30J (65J) and I guess I need a 32JJ in the usual CK-styles and a 32J in most Panache bras.

Yesterday I had the chance to finally try the bra at a lingerie store in Berlin-Mitte; since I was adviced to take a smaller band size than usually, I went for said 30J and – surprise! – it was quite a good fit. The band stretched from 66cm/26 inches to 83cm/32.5 inches though, so it’s definitely more of a 32 band than a 30.

The thing about the band size is a little annoying but yey to the larger cups! (Why not rename it, Curvy Kate?! Produce some smaller band sizes and you could offer that style in a 28K and advertise it accordingly as world’s first moulded bra up to a K-cup… Winking smile)

Apart from the band size I found nothing to complain about, even the form the bra gives is nice and round. I really hope it will become a success and close a bit of the market gap. Especially younger girls are often very selfconscious about their breasts and look for a bra without seams and with padding, that’s not pushing the breasts to the side or make them look pointy. (See my blog post about the high demand for T-shirt bras)

And then I would love to see this style in other colours and designs!

What do you think about the style? Have you already tried it?

Smoothie bra by Curvy Kate
Source of picture: Curvy Kate

Review by Cheryl at Invest in your Chest:
Curvy Kate ‘Smoothie’: Bras for 28+ bands reviewed

The Curvy Kate Smoothie is available in
the following colours: 
Black, Blush (beige) and Raspberry (from January 2013)
and sizes: 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G

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