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Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

New plus size lingerie brand: Sculptresse by Panache

There've been rumours around for weeks... Finally it seems to be official: Panache is about to launch an aequivalent to Eveden's Elomi, a lingerie brand for larger band- and cupsizes. It's to be called Sculptresse, a name I - for some strange reason - have trouble remembering. Maybe it's due to the vagueness of information on the new brand. I hope when finally on the market, it will leave a more permanent impression. ;-)

Last week I had the opportunity to see some samples of the upcoming collection (spring/summer 2013) at a trade show and I really hope the styles will give women who these days are still considered somewhat of a marginal group in the world of fashion a wider range of choice.

Sculptresse is not yet enclosed in the Panache catalogue for spring/summer 2013 as are the new collections of Cleo, Cleo Swim, Superbra, Panache Swim & Sport and Masquerade but then, the launch of the new brand is not a secret anymore either, the german Panache official told me. So when I came home from the trade show, I started googleing right away but found next to nothing on Sculptresse. An already published article by Lingerie Insight has even been taken from the net again, so I concluded it was too early to break the news and I exercised patience.

Today I found a post by the Polish blog bra-fitting.eu that shared information provided by the Polish Panache representatives So Chic. As another Polish blog, famous Stanikomania! usually is among the first to release pictures and information on the upcoming collections, I imagine So Chic's relation to the Polish bra fitting and blogger community to be really great.

I'm a little jealous to be honest. Sadly enough, online bra fitters and bloggers in Germany are conceived as a rather annoying side effect of the information age, threatening the hitherto peaceful world of lingerie brands and stores with rebellious demands of more sizes and better fitting - and not at all as possible allies, the voice of the potential customer or at least a promotional platform. The common "Busenfreundin" appears to be the bogeywoman of bra retailers... We absolutely have to change this negative image in the future of course, but that's a different story.

Well, back to the topic. bra-fitting.eu has already uploaded pictures of Sculptresse styles and gives some information on the size range.
Band sizes:  from 36 to 46
Cup sizes: from D to J, in most styles only up to H/HH though.
Briefs: 12 to 24 (original says EU-sizes 40 to 52)

Cup sizes for styles (largest cup available)

Bellisse: 36-42J, 44-46HH
Pure (moulded): 36-38H, 40GG, 42FF, 44F, 46E
Rosie: 36-46H
Willow: 36-46HH

All styles will be available in two basic (black + various nudes) and one fashion colour.
Exception: Willow will only be available in raspberry.

What do you think of the new brand? 
Do you like the styles? 
And do you think as well that it's really strange 
that plus size models always look barely a size 14 (UK)?

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