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Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Bridal lingerie - What to wear under your wedding dress...

A side effect of being obsessed with bra fitting is, that after a time you come in touch with topics you - personally - never had any connection with. For me, this is the case with the whole area of bridal lingerie. I've never given it much thought until I recently realised that the question of "what to wear under your wedding dress" has to be some sort of "running gag" in the lingerie business. A sad gag, but still.

Read on after the jump.

There seems to be a certain pattern that nearly always comes true:
First there is the decision of getting married in white, then the bride chooses a dress. When the tailor has it ready for the final fitting, everything is just great, a vision in white... but then suddenly, out of the blue, the questions pops up: And what will I wear underneath?!

A little later in the lingerie shop:

- Bride to be: "Well, my tailor said, I do not really need a bra since the corset should be supportive enough, but I don't feel safe without one."
- Sales lady (nods sympathetically and asks): "Is it a real (meaning steel-boned) corset?"
- Bride to be (shakes head and continues): "No, not really; it's only made of fabric. I think I need
a strapless bra in a suitable colour (meaning pure white) and
some shapewear that I can wear underneath. 
Both should be as sexy as possible of course."
- Shop assistant (thinks about known products and arms herself with patience for difficult task ahead): ?!? ... 
Some time later after some trying on and discussing the problem:
- Sales assistant (matter-of-factly): "Okay, we have here a strapless bra that fits perfectly but it's only available in nude/ivory/other colour than pure white."
- Bride to be (in a panicy voice): "Yes, but this does not go with my dress!!!"
- Sales assistant (trying to sound patient): "Maybe it would be a possiblity to wear a normal, aka balconette, pure white bra and attach some shoulder straps/sleeves to your wedding dress?"
- Bride to be (still stubborn):"No, that's out of the question. The dress is so beautiful as it is."
- Shop assistant (bites tongue): ?!? ... 

And so it goes on and on...
Okay, I admit, this is a worst-case-scenario but many tailors who sell wedding dresses seem not to include a reasonable underwear solution into their service. And just as many brides begin to think about it when it's actually too late. My observations imply that this phenomenon is nearly completely independent from breast size... only, finding a working solution is definitely more difficult the larger the cup size.

I therefore would strongly advise to think of the underwear from the start and have your bra/basque/corset ready before ordering a dress. If you want to marry in white or any of your friends, sisters, cousins or other women you know, please "warn" them about the issue! The same is true for the bridemaids-dresses or any other form of evening attire, ball gowns and the like.
Because, what's the use of the most beautiful dress if you do not find any underwear for it?!

Strapless dresses are indesputably pretty - but before deciding on such a beauty, look for a bra that'll go with it! And decide in time if you'd prefer your underwear to be rather sexy than practical because this also narrows down your choices.

Margaret Forrest from Australia, 1876
Source: Wiki Commons
The relation of sexy vs. practical usually is inversely proportional; meaning: The more shape wear, the less sexy you might look without your dress since most of it is ... ehm... not really erotic. But then, is it not more important, how splendid your outfit looks during the "official part" and on the pictures? So if you prefer not to wear a lot of stuff under your dress, the dress has to be of material that is firm enough not to reveal any bumps caused by a bra (which has to be tight to be supportive), garter belt or thong.

I will post some follow up articles on strapless bras and basques in larger cup sizes ASAP. If one of you might have something to add to the topic, I'm always delighted about comments and guest postings! For the latter, just send an e-mail to drunterunddrueber -at- gmx -dot- net.

What are your experiences with underwear for special occasions? What do you wear under fancy dresses?

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