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Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Basques and strapless bras for your wedding dress - in larger cup sizes...

As I already explained in the posting Bridal lingerie - What to wear under your wedding dress... it is advisable to already think about a bra solution when choosing your outfit. Below, I will list some basques and strapless bras available to G, GG and H-Cup.

For most of you who already have the black belt of bralogy this might be incredibly boring, so this is only a short summary of the German version of this posting. But then I do hope every once in a while a woman will find my blog when trying to solve a bra-related problem...

All who consider going for a real steel-boned corset instead of a basque should have a look at corsets-uk.com. And those of you who are well above a G-cup and might not find a fitting strapless solution: don't fall into despair. There are some very beautiful white bras available up to a J, JJ, K, KK and even a L-cup. (by Bravissimo, Curvy Kate, Elomi, Ewa Michalak and Panache)

Selection of lingerie brands that offer basques at least up to a G-cup
  • Charnos (Eve Basque: 32-38B-E | Belle Basque: 32-38B-G)

  • Elomi (Special Occasions Basque: 32DD-G, 34-42D-G, 44D-FF, 46D-F, 44D-E | Smoothing Bustier:  32F-GG, 34E-GG, 36-42D-GG, 44D-G, 46DD-E)

  • Fauve (Rosa Basque: 30D-FF, 32-38B-FF)

  • Goddess (Bridal Lace Bustier: 34-50B-FF - Attention: US-Sizing)

  • Masquerade (Tiffany Basque: 28-38D-G, Deity Body: 28-38D-H )

  • Panache (Evie Bridal: 30-38D-H)
  • Pour Moi? (Ceremony Basque: 32-38B-G) 

  • Prima Donna (Deauville Corsage, Madison Corsage:  75-90D-G, 95D-E)
  • Ulla  (Marlen Corsage: 70-100D-G)
    Gossard Ooh La La Corselet
    30-38D-G | Source of Picture: Gossard
Selection of lingerie brands that offer strapless bras at least up to a G-cup

  • Charnos (Eve Strapless: 30C-36G/38FF | Belle Strapless: 32-38B-G)

  • Elomi (Smoothing Strapless: 36DD-42GG, 44G, 46E, 48DD - black and nude only)

  • Ewa Michalak (Mleczny Strapless 30D-30GG/32G/34FF/36F/38E)

  • Fantasie (Ava Strapless: 30DD-GG, 32-36D-GG, 38D-G, 40D-E | Samantha Strapless: 30-36D-G, 38D-FF, 40D-F | Smoothing Strapless: 30DD-G, 32C-G, 34-36B-G, 38C-F, 40C-D / black and nude only)

  • Fauve (Rosa Strapless: 30D-GG, 32-36B-GG, 38B-G)

  • Freya (Deco und Taylor Strapless: 28D-G, 30D-GG, 32-36B-GG, 38B-G / black and nude only)

  • Goddess (Marilyn Strapless: 34-46B-H, 40B-DDD - Attention: US-Sizing)

  • Gorgeous by Debenhams (Moulded Multiway/Strapless: 30-40DD-G)

  • Gossard (Ooh La La Long Line Strapless Bra: 30-38D-G)

  • Masquerade (Tiffany Strapless: 28-38D-G, Deity Strapless: 28-38D-H)

  • Naturally Close (Underwired Multiway/Strapless Bra 34E-42K, 42-44B-DD, 46-48B-C - Attention: neither UK nor EU sizing!)

  • Panache (Evie and Evie Bridal Strapless: 30-38D-H, Porcelain: 28DD/30D-38G)
  • Pour Moi? (Ceremony Strapless: 30-38C-G, Solutions Strapless: 30-38D-G / black and nude only, Versaille Strapless) 

  • Prima Donna (Perle Trägerlos:  70-90F, 70-85G, Satin Trägerlos: 65-90E, 65-85E, 70-80G)
  • Triumph (Pure Desire Trägerlos: 70-85C-G)

  • Ultimo (Miracle Strapless/Multiway Bra 30-38DD-G)

  • Wonderbra (Ultimate Strapless 32-38A-G - black and nude only)

Hey, ich bin george und schlecht darin, mich kurz zu fassen. Ich tummle mich mit multiplen Persönlichkeiten im Netz, einige kennen mich vielleicht unter meinem Terry Pratchett-Pseudonym. Zu meinen Hobbies gehört Nörgeln, Kaffeetrinken und Prokrastinieren. Mehr Persönliches gibt es im Jahresrückblick 2013 und auf meiner Vorstellungsseite. [x]


25. Juni 2012 um 03:54

Such a helpful list. Va Bien's Ultra Lift Strapless goes from a 32-38G.

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