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Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Smaller or flatter? Some ideas on minimiser bras...

Big-busted woman often voice the desire if it's not possible to "Make it look smaller".
Someone with experience in bra fitting will of course answer: "If you're wearing the right size, your boobs will appear smaller anyhow."

This is due to the fact, that most larger breasts tend to sag and are not lifted properly by an ill fitting bra. The whole body seems rather stocky. When wearing a proper bra, your figure will appear more defined, dynamic and curvy. Miraculously even your tops and jackets will fit better. (For a great example of this effect see  Before-After-Comparison at Stanikomania!)

In addition to the proper size and fit you can also influence the shape of your boobs by choosing special cuts and styles. Minimiser bras usually flatten your bust. From the side your breast may appear smaller and reduced but seen from the front you look broader and more massiv. There are a lot of bras in larger cups sizes which go for this effect, for example by Triumph, the Anita Rosa Faia bra, Hedona by Chantelle etc.
If you re looking for a similar style of the usual British brands you could try the Porcelain T-Shirt Bra by Panache and especially the brand new Esme-T-Shirt Bra by Fantasie.

Fantasie Esme Moulded T-Shirt-Bra (Soft Cup)
Available in: 30DD-H, 32-38D-H, 40D-GG
Colours: black, white, beige and fashion colours (pink)
Product Page | source of picture: Fantasie

But if you are really aiming for an optical reduction of the breast size, it's advisable to break out into a new direction. While most of the time women try to achieve a very rounded breast shape (which looks great but does not do the trick), you should go for bras that form a little more pointy. Not rocket-style-pointy but a little more tapered that you'd usually prefer.
I've found the minimising effect you can achieve by wearing moulded foam cups by Fantasie like the Ava Moulded Plunge or the Rhiannon Moulded Plunge really impressing. If they're not available in your size you could also try styles like the Ariza/Fern/Paloma by Panache.

Fantasie Ava Moulded Plunge Bra (foam)
Available in: 65-70D-G, 75-80C-G, 85C-FF, 90D-F
Colours: black, ivory
Product Page | source of picture: Fantasie

Note: Fantasie bras run large in the cup. So you might need a size less than usually.

What are your experiences concerning minimiser bras?
Do you wear/need them or don't you?

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13. September 2012 um 23:17

My take on minimizer bras is this: When we are to lift something we lift it as close to the body as possible, not to wreck our backs or necks. I see boobs in the same way; the closer they are to my body the less they weigh, the less pain on my shoulders (even with tightened straps!)

I don't want my boobs to look smaller, but rather proportional to my overall silhuette. I don't want projection but I like when my boobs take up a lot of space.

I have very wide but soft breasts so I need those extremely wide wires. Also I have defined muscles under my breasts even if I'm fat. They end behind my arms so I'm one of those that actually need those crazy wide wires.

I think we have about the same bra size though 34HH/J-32HH/J seems about right for me. But I would kind of want to flatten the cups and widen and lengthen the wires more.

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